Harley-Davidson Turbo

We've had quite a lot of fun with this beautifull Harley to which we grafted a K04 turbocharger from KKK.
Of course, working on a motorcycle is never an easy task. Cramped space to work on, but one must also take into acount the machine balance and how the numerous pipes will have to be installed. Everything must be thoroughly thought. With an air-cooled motor, control over timing and fueling is an absolute necessity. This is the reason to why we installed a megasquirt. Having the stand-alone to work with the odd-fire design engine was quite the challenge. Also, we installed an intercoole before the front wheel in order to keep chance on our side.


GPZ 750 turbo

This upside-down bike is actually a nice GPZ 750 turbo. A very rare machine indeed. The owner restaured the bike from top to bottom and brough the bike to our shop so that we could retrofit a better, larger turbo to replace the tiny IHI. The larger, K04 we used for this application is the same model we used for the harley project. It turned out to be an excellent choice for the Kawasaki.

More pics soon to come!