Civic EG H22A turbo

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La recette parfaite pour mettre un peu de piment dans un Civic. Tout d'abord prendre un H22A JDM avec transmission et différentiel autoblocant, lui ajouter un turbocharger Holset HY35 et sapoudrer le tout d'un peu de Methanol. Résultats garantis!!

Voici pour vous les premiers stages de la fabrication:

h22a_civic_eg_turbo_swap      h22a_civic_eg_turbo_swap_2

Turbine Tech Alma-Honda drag civic

Without a doubt, one of the most breathaking project by Turbine Tech. The little civic has been built for one single purpose; Going as fast as possible in a straight line. Initially built with a Garrett GT4088R turbochager, wqe quickly switched to methanol injection with a much larger Borgwarner-style Bulleyes power turbocharger.

Here are a few pictures of the beast

drag_civic_alma_honda_turbine_tech_02···· drag_civic_alma_honda_turbine_tech_01· img_0189


First, a small video of the machine strapped to the mustang dyno and tested at WOT.

Starting with the Honda K20A2 engine. Built at Turbine tech and assembled with forged & blue printed block  including CP pistons, pauter rods, Darton sleeves and a lot of additional stuff too long to list.

k20a2_turbo_alcool_engine_parts_08····· k20a2_turbo_alcool_forged_cp_pistons_05

k20a2_turbo_alcool_forged_engine_11····· k20a2_turbo_alcool_forged_engine_assy19

k20a2_turbo_alcool_forged_pump_chain_09 · · k20a2_turbo_alcool_forged_pump_chain_10

k20a2_turbo_alcool_forged_sleeved_block_03 · · ·k20a2_turbo_alcool_forged_sleeved_block_07

k20a2_turbo_alcool_modified_oil_pan_13 · · ·k20a2_turbo_alcool_modified_oil_pan_17

k20a2_turbo_alcool_ported_polished_head_02 · · ·k20a2_turbo_alcool_sleeved_block_06

k20a2_turbo_alcool_timing_chain_12 · · ·k20a2_turbo_alcool_toda_tensioner_01



The Oh so important transmisson.  If we were first racing with 1st and 2nd straight cut gears only, we quickly swapped over to a full straight cut dogbox with spool differential.

drag_civic_straight_cut_1_2_gears_dogbox_01 · · ·drag_civic_straight_cut_1_2_gears_dogbox_02

drag_civic_straight_cut_1_2_gears_dogbox_03 · · ·drag_civic_straight_cut_1_2_gears_dogbox_04

drag_civic_straight_cut_full_gears_dogbox_01 · · ·drag_civic_straight_cut_full_gears_dogbox_02

drag_civic_straight_cut_full_gears_dogbox_03 · · ·drag_civic_straight_cut_full_gears_dogbox_06

drag_civic_straight_cut_full_gears_spool_differential_01····· drag_civic_straight_cut_full_gears_spool_differential_02

drag_civic_twin_plate_clutch_master_01····· drag_civic_twin_plate_clutch_master_02


Featured here is the same engine running on race fuel. This one was using a water intercooler with GT4088R turbocharger. A couple of nice shots of the Twin tial wastegates and the twin scroll stainless steel manifold for better spool up. Most people are not using advantage of the twin scroll design when building a manifold for the GT40 series turbocharger. This is a big mistake IMO.

k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_01 · · ·k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_02

k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_03 · · ·k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_08

k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_04 · · ·k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_05·

k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_06····· k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_07

k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_09 · · ·k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_10

k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_11 · · ·k20a2_gt4088r_turbo_tial_drag_setup_12



A few pictures of the roll cage along with the rear suspension the we custom-made for the vehicle. There is also the much-needed chute required to slow down the best at speed of well over 160mi/h.

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_01····· turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_03

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_04····· turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_05

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_06 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_07

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_08 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_10

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_11 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_12

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_13 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_14

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_15······ turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_16

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_17····· turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_18

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_20····· turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_21

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_22····· turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_cage_23


Those are pictures of the first race gas setup before we switched to methanol. Alcool setups doesn't require intercooler as the charge is being cooled down by the methanol.  However, it requires a much larger quantity of fuel than race gas. This particular setup requires 8 - 1200cc injectors in order to feed the 2-liter engine properly.

A comparison shot of the GT40 versus the Bulleye turbo.


Pictures of the setup before swapping to meth.

img_4422····· img_4425

img_4426 · · ·img_4427

img_4428 · · ·img_4429

img_4430 · · ·img_4431

And finally, the methanol setup.

k20a2_intake_manifold_100mm_throttle_body_05 · · ·k20a2_intake_manifold_100mm_throttle_body_06

k20a2_intake_manifold_velocity_stacks_02····· k20a2_intake_manifold_velocity_stacks_03

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_01····· turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_02

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_03 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_04

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_08 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_10

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_11 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_14

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_15 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_16

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_18 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_19

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_25 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_22

turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_23 · · ·turbine_tech_alma_honda_drag_civic_24

Honda civic D15B turbo setup

Oil/water and fuel lines are no place to be messed with, especially in an engine bay. See the little civic fully sprayed with oil? that's because the oil line going to the turbo was made out of heater hose, making the car a ticking bomb.