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Swift Cultus AWD

Welcome to our Cultus AWD project. This car belonging to our long-time friend Benjamin is certainly a one of a kind build as I still have to see  a turbo cultus buildup. Actually, I still have to see a cutlus project at all. This is understandable since the car has been built to less than 1500 units.

This album has been put together with a few short descriptions for you sole viewing pleasures. Ultimately, we intend bringing the car somewhere around 300awhp. Something that will certainly give an hard time to most WRX and STI. We're also hoping to give its owner a run for its money :)

suzuki gti turbo cultus

Suzuki Aerio J18 turbo setup

This is a turbo setup we made for the Suzuki Aerio. Same engine configuration than the J20 motor found in the SX4. Actually, you would be hard pressed to tell one from another if it wasn't for the right-handed intake. This setup sports our famous top mount manifold that supports the well-known Garrett GT28RS turbocharger.