22"x9"x3" intercooler

This is a full aluminum bar and plate intercooler with polished cast end tanks. This intercooler is out most popular size for 1G/2G Mitsubishi Eclipses, as well as turbocharged Honda B18C/H22A platforms. Perfect for your DSM, Honda, Nissan or other custom turbo project.

- Bar and plate design
- End to end length with endtanks: 29"
- Core Size: 22" long x 9" high x 3" thick
- Inlet/outlet diameters: 2.5"

- Supports up to 550 hp.
- Flows up to 800 cfm.
- Leak tested at 30 psi.

Application: Designed for use in any custom or upgraded stock turbo setup. It is perfect for any medium to big-boost application for Nissan, Toyota, Honda or Mitsubishi.