Alu body brace MKII (89-94)



Larry from Rockport, MI wrote:

" This a quality product. Anyone that owns one of these cars in the rust belt should install one. I've mentioned before that I had one on my '96. The frame horns were rusty and I tried to fix them, but the rust kept coming back. One day I installed a catalytic converter that didn't have clearance for the brace, so I left it off temporarily. I figured it would hold until I could modify the brace to accept the cat. I was wrong.  The next day, the left wheel came off and that was the end of an otherwise great car. From what I understand, the only thing holding that front end together was that brace.
Do it!"


This is the same, bullet proof construction that has been used for years. Hundred of those braces have been sold worldwide!! Keep your investment from falling apart and increase the rigidity of your unibody with this easy-to-install add-on.

Developed and designed at the very beginning for the Swift GTi racer and hard core enthusiast, this brace has quickly become a hot seller amongst the metro, sprint and firefly owners. Often copied but never replicated, this brace will tremendously increase the rigidity of your unibody. Most people are paying big bucks to have their car perfectly dialled-in, only to have their alignment messed up at the slightest pothole on the road. If you want better control over cornering, braking and acceleration, this brace is the way to go.

Our underbody brace also solved the cracked windshield syndrome on many racers' cars.

 The Swift's unibody is notoriously well known for its ability to twist and flex under hard braking, acceleration, and cornering. Add rust and several years of abuse to this and you get the lower suspension legs that move further apart form each other, creating a handling catastrophe. After years of research, developement and testing, we've come up with the best solution to date. Our underbody braces provide 4 anchor points to the body, at places where the highest load forces are found. These bars relieve a huge load of stress through the legs of your suspension and keep your suspension from misaligning over bumps or hard corners. This is particularily true when it come to braking as the forces tend to bring both wheels away from each other, leading to poor control on entry due to temporary misaligned wheels

- Installation can be done in a matter of minutes but may vary given you mechanical skills.
- Will fit any stock 89-94 Swifts, Sprints, Fireflys, Metros, in either 1.0L or 1.3L trim.
- MKIII (95+) models slightly differs. Make sure to select the appropriate model/year before ordering.
- On some models, the stock exhaust system might interfere with the brace. Some modifications might be required to the exhaust system in that case. Automatic transmission will often require some modifications as well.




Item color may differ.