MS3 2007 front engine mount


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An amazing upgrade for you car!

Want to feel more connected to your car? Want your shifting to be crisp and tight? Want to finally put that power down without risking to see your engine falling on the pavement? Want to protect your investment? This is what you need. This mount, built with a 85A urethane bushing, is the ultimate weapon that will keep your engine where it belong and keep those nasty wheel hops away. Make no mistake, this mount will completely tranform your ride and make it like driving a totally different car.

Why so much stuff for just a simple engine mount you may ask? That's because unlike its big AWD brother the MS6, the MS3 has no radiator support, no crossmember, no frame, nothing at all! Yes you're getting it, the radiator is actually hanging in the open surrounded only by a bit of plastic shrouds. We had to design and build a complete crossmember from scratches...

Our customers wrote:

"I know my TT mount saved my ass again. my passenger mount this time was shattered in 3 places and the TT mount was the only thing holdingthe motor up on that side. I was considering selling it to get a fmic until I saw that. I woulda droped my motor again with out this mount"



Q: Is the Turbine tech engine mount compatible with my FMIC?

A: Yes it is. Our mount is compatible with most FMIC setups minus a few adjustements and modifications to the piping. something that can easily be performed by your local tuning shop.

Here are a few pictures of our support with a CP-E FMIC.

turbine_tech_engine_mount_cpe_fmic_ms3_05 turbine_tech_engine_mount_cpe_fmic_ms3_06 turbine_tech_engine_mount_cpe_fmic_ms3_07turbine_tech_engine_mount_cpe_fmic_ms3_08 turbine_tech_engine_mount_cpe_fmic_ms3_02turbine_tech_engine_mount_cpe_fmic_ms3_03 turbine_tech_engine_mount_cpe_fmic_ms3_04