F1100/Z1 Stage 3 upgrade

1 995.00$can
Our most popular upograde! With a proven capacity of over 425hp*, our stage 3 turbo upgrade brings performance to a whole new level. Retaining stock-like spoolup abilities, this turbo is perfect for agressive trail riding and/or racing application. The bigger shaft and larger bearings greatly increase reliability over the stock unit. Anti-lag and hi boost application can be quite stressful for a turbocharger. The upgraded cartridge will give you peace of mind.
Our stage 3 includes:
- 50mm forged 11-blade GTX billet compressor  wheel (stock is 39mm)
- Larger turbine wheel
- Oversized shaft
- Larger ball bearings
- Larger compressor housing flowing over 500cfm
- Garrett 0.7bar OEM actuator
This turbo is a direct replacement for the stock unit, requiring no modifications to the oil and water lines, allowing you to keep your pricey aftermarket exxhaust and intake system.
* Requires supporting mods and race gas