F1100 3" outlet + silencer


Ultimate power without compromises. Our long awaited 3" turbo outlet and dynomax silencer combo is now available. The superturbo, welded silencer coupled to our 3" divorced downpipe is an unbeatable combination for those drag races or for the week end sledder looking for ultimate power.  The superturbo provide unrestricted flow but with decent noise level for the Acrtic Cat F1100 turbo (will also fit LXR and other 2012 turbo machines). Our state-of-the-art 304 Stainless steel downpipe outlet combines both aesthetics and performance. The two components are held together with a stainless steel 3" V-band, making maintenance and repairs a true walk in the park. No more gaskets to purchase or jammed bolts to torch.

Pictures above show how the downpipe internals are matching the turbine housing. Notice the separating tab next to the turbine wheel.

This design provides several advantages:

- Increased flow due to exhaust gases being nicely channeled outside rather than dumped into the awkward exhaust chamber
- Keeps the exhaust vortex undisturbed all the way to the 2.5 inches stainless pipe
- Creates a succion effect that helps scavenging the wastegate port (keeps boost creep away)
- The 2" to 3" transition allows the wastegate and exhaust gases to blend smoothly as they expend in the enlarged section
- Can be ordered with 10mm adjustable stopper screw to keep the wastegate flapper shut and prevent hi-boost leaks for an additional $25.00 charge. (racers only).

Direct replacement for the stock exhaust system. Bolts in minutes.